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We relieve you of the burden of starting yours, the webshop creates invoices automatically, the delivery is safe, and the payment is possible by online bank card payment.
Design and development are our jobs; all you have to do is take full advantage of all the possibilities in your customized webshop.
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There is no cost
of starting your webshop!

You get „a ready to use webshop” which you can tailor to your image with just a few clicks.

Kóstolom team helps you to create your photo-, video-material and bottle photos.

After the registration, you could use your webshop within 24 hours!

Direct sale = higher profit

We handle your
inventory centrally.

We provide home-delivery service, automated invoicing, and online bank card payment.

Professional IT background.

Stable and safe operation.

We help your webshop to be on top of the search list.

5 reasons why you should have a WineGroup webshop

The WineGroup webshop solution is made expressly for wine-growers and wineries.
Read further to find out why we think joining will be the best decision for you.

You get a fast and easy to use webshop that brings new features continually.

Quick entry into the online wine market

As part of the WineGroup ecosystem, if you have a webshop, you don’t need to develop and build a website from scratch! No need to search for a developer who would spend weeks and would cost thousands of forints to create a usable webshop.
You get a webshop with an integrated online bank card payment, an integrated accounting system, and a built-in delivery system that we simplified as much as possible.


i want to join

Design? It’s not you who need to invent it!

We know well that the winegrower often doesn’t know what a good design or what would fit the winery; after all it is not his job and shouldn’t waste his valuable time thinking about it. That’s precisely why we created a webshop user interface, that matches the winery’s primary color, clear, easy to read, and expressly user-friendly. Your logo and images that define your winery can all be displayed on your site. That way, you can create a clean, modern design of your own that reflects your identity.


I want a good design

Clear, good and professional webdesign, that attracts customers.

Mobile friendly, responsive website for the mobile user experience.

Mobile optimized user interface

Responsive behavior is an expected feature of every website nowadays, for that very reason you can be sure that our design will work perfectly, no matter what device is used for browsing, and your customer will love to use your webshop. So, browsing your website would not only be an experience, but you can also count on that more customers would buy from such an optimized interface.


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Search engine optimized, SEO friendly webshop

We know how hard to put together such content that search engines love, therefore during the development, we especially focused on your webshop to be SEO friendly in a way, so you would only deal with that as little as possible, and therefore, you can truly focus on what you really love: making the best wine with the utmost care.


This interests me too

SEO friendly webshop for successful sales.

WineGroup websites comply with all legal requirements.

Without legal obstacles

You don’t need to consult with a lawyer, and you don’t have to write seven pages of the General Terms and Conditions and eleven more pages of Privacy Policy by yourself! We have all done this for you! Anyone who uses a WineGoup website can be sure that it complies with all legal requirements. Being a beginner winegrower, you can save a lot of money and time.


Where can I Apply?

For a limited time only, we also have an unmissable offer!

Packages and Prices

Entry promotion!

Until 31 January 2021, we will provide the Premium Package free of charge to all our Users, we only deduct the contractual sales commission from purchases in the webshop.

You can still use the Premium package for free until:

2021/01/31 23:59:59
Start package
19.990 Ft
+VAT / mo
+10% commission fee
  • Your online webshop
  • Integrated accounting (Számlázz.hu) and online payment system (Barion)
  • Integrated parcel delivery service (Sprinter)
  • Hosting and domain service
  • Customer service and complaint handling
  • Bottle photos and wine descriptions
Premium package
59.990 Ft
+VAT / mo
+10% commission fee
  • Contains the full start package
  • Webshop administration and handling
  • Photo and video shooting on-the-spot
  • Kóstolom interview and article
  • Legal support
VIP package
upon agreement

  • Contains the full premium package
  • Comprehensive marketing collaboration and support
  • Exclusive Kóstolom appearance
  • A limited number of wineries can participate
  • Powered by KÓSTOLOM


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